23.06.2022 | Blog post: 1 REVIEW = 1 TREE PLANTED

We plant trees with #teamtrees in exchange for customer reviews!

Every bit helps to create a better environment for the future. We would like to introduce a new small side-project. For every order-related review that we receive on Google Reviews we will donate one tree planted with teamtrees.org


STEP 1: Place an order | STEP 2: Please follow the link in our email signature to place a review on Google: https://goo.gl/UWgCwv - You can also search for 'XEST Nimmerrichter' on Google Maps and place a rating there!

STEP 3: We will donate a tree plantation with #teamtrees and send you the donation confirmation!

Did you know that the team of XEST is always working on best effort for a sustainable production and order handling? We use CO2 neutral papers only with FSC certificate or European Ecolabel. All our printing inks are heavy metal and solvent free! We chase ideal material recycling and separate waste at our production site.

Also we didn't forget about the delivery. All orders are delivered with hybrid technology vehicles and lightweight close-by deliveries even without the use of any car by foot!

Reduce – Reuse – Recycle – We do our best to contribute for a better environment!

17.06.2019 | Blog post: EXPRESS Perfect Binding

EXPRESS Perfect Bind

NEW offer! Fast and reliable perfect binding of your books & magazines. Due to recent requests of publishers & companies dealing with catalogs and magazines we expanded our binding machines with an express-perfect-binder. We glue-bind small and medium volume orders within a few hours! Maximum flexibility ensured.

Proofread Samples - Pre-publication Books - Magazines - Catalogs, whenever you need a perfect bound item you can rely on our fast and flexible service.

Up to DIN A4, Inner pages 100gsm, Cover 100 or 200gsm - Please note we only bind what we print - no materials from customer source.

...or for large volumes we offer PREMIUM books with a large variety of materials and finishing. Just contact us for a tailored offer for your requirements!

Express Perfect Bind

02.06.2019 | Blog post: Großformatscan Wien

Grossformatscan Wien

Wir bieten raschen Scanservice für Großformate. Baupläne, Architektenpläne, Faltpläne und Plakate. Direkte Abholung und Rückgabe bei Ihnen im Büro in Wien inkludiert. Express Service Fertigstellung binnen 24h möglich!

Mindestanzahl = 10 Pläne
Maximaldimension = DIN A0 bis 90x200cm

Grossformatscan Wien


22.03.2019 | Blog post: EGU 2019 Poster Print

EGU Poster Print

EGU 2019 Poster Promotion - Also this year we print your scientific posters for EGU. Directly produced in Vienna and delivered to the event's site (ACV)! Fast and reliable service - Print directly with us and avoid transportation hassles with your airline when flying to Vienna. Contact us - info@xest.at | +43-1-33 275 88 - Please mention EGU2019 for special poster promotion!


13.03.2019 | Blog post: Event Supplies Vienna: Common Issues

Event Supplies Vienna: Common Issues


Your company plans an event in Vienna? What are common issues that can occur with prints & supplies?

Since ever we offer personal approach and work close together our customers. We treat each customer individually, you are not just a number or a job in a fully automated system. In all those years customers shared their experiences with us. What common issues may occur when events are taking place in Vienna?

It could be a simple reason such as your local printing partner does not offer any international shipping to Vienna. There are many advantages printing with a local company in Vienna, rather than using your established domestic printing partner.

[x] #1 issues are related to shipping. It could be as simple as that the shipment does not arrive in time or are even damaged during transport.
[x] Must arrange shipping
[x] Oversize related issues
[x] Can't transport with airplane when flying to Vienna due to weight/size restrictions

[x] Expensive Courier/Shipping Service
[x] Slow Shipping – shorter time to prepare artwork, design…
[x] Packaging Effort if you ship yourself
[x] Export & Import Delay
[x] Complicated export paperwork
[x] Import Agent Costs
[x] Import Tax & Duty (we hear from many customers having import issues with delays and high costs or even loss)
[x] Transport Issues to final destination – Shipment gets returned
[x] Wrong Labeling, Hotel Refuses Shipment, Event Location does not accept shipments
[x] Transport Loss and Damage
[x] Higher CO2 ecological-footprint

Lean back and forget all those issues causing headache - Simply print with us and receive a worry-free solution.

We tailor an offer for your printing needs and give you several options. Due to daily experience we’ll find a solution for you that fits expectations in all matters. Flexibility is an important topic for us - depending to your ideas and required timeframe an individual offer is generated.

[v] Seamless solution from just one single source
[v] No troubles with shipping, import, damages or loss
[v] Personal delivery - We do not use any courier service! Our company personally delivers all orders!
[v] Experience in working together with Hotel receptions - clear labeling and delivery just before your arrival. The hotel does not need to store your items

[v] Direct delivery to event site - No transportation effort or carrying heavy items
[v] Shorter preparation time, less organization effort and risk-free
[v] Payment on delivery by credit card
[v] Eco Friendly – Eco Production – Waste reduction – Hybrid Vehicle Delivery


11.03.2019 | Blog post: Waste reduction by design

Waste reduction by design


Did you know that you can reduce waste by the design and layout of your printworks? By understanding how your order is being produced, you can significantly reduce waste during production without any drawbacks for the final result.

Here are some easy waste reduction advises that you or your designer can implement:

  • Simply use more words on a page by using smaller fonts and margins. This is very easy and everyone can consider this.
  • Double-sided printing. You can cut 50% of resource usage by using both sides of the paper. Examples are handouts and simple text prints.
  • Full Bleed vs Non BleedDesign to prevent full bleeds. Your home inkjet printer may offers border to border printing but when printing in large amounts this isn't that simple. Commercial production printers can't print output ready to full bleed. Due to this books, brochures, flyers… are always produced with a slightly larger paper called RA & SRA untrimmed paper. After the print is done the final product will be trimmed to standard formats such as DIN-A4. This generates paper waste.
  • When printing digitally, simply leave a 5mm white space around each page. Design that pictures stand free in the design rather than being fully scaled on the whole page. With several production types no trimming or special oversize paper are required when designed without bleeds.


  • We especially notice that roll-up-banners are limited in their lifetime by having a date in the artwork. This is obviously a no-brainer - You can use the display next year again and even cut costs! If your banner needs to have a date displayed you can also reduce waste by using our recycled roll-up-banners which are being picked up by our company after the event and are refurbished!
  • Order only what is needed – Bulk discounts are attractive and convince to print more than needed. How many participants does your event have? What could be the count of invited guests who won’t attend? Try to calculate a good amount!


01.03.2019 | Blog post: Sustainable and environmentally friendly

Sustainable and environmentally friendly


XEST Nimmerrichter offers a broad range of options in order to produce your printjobs environment-friendly! 100% green production line for commercial and large amount orders but also fast does not mean wasteful –Our express office located in Vienna offers a production as  economic as possible due to a simple fact: Wasting material is always cost expensive. Our team thinks about this during the production, even in simple matters such as separating waste. We only use CO2 neutral papers!

Our production line is environment-friendly and uses 100% solar energy and hydropower. Solventless, organic and vegan printing inks, 0% heavy metals

Waste Reduction
– We reuse (good) packaging materials such as transportation boxes. Additionally you can request delivery as bulkware without any packaging – Just let us know if you wish a environment-friendly treatment of your order and we will inform you about all the options!

We didn’t forget about the transport! Our company uses fuel saving hybrid vehicles for getting materials and delivering the prints to you!

Reduce – Reuse – Recycle – We do our best to contribute for a better environment!


Recycled Roll UpsRoll Up Banners systems are commonly only used for a short time period. After a finished congress or meeting the aluminium frame is mostly disposed. We try to contribute for a better environment and accept returns of the roll up banners within 14 days of purchase.

Just contact us, our staff will happily pick up the used roll-ups and we even offer a small reward cashback!

The returned systems are professionally refurbished and cleaned by our company. We are the only company in Vienna that offers such service! Please let us know if you wish to receive a recycled item during the order process. Recycled Roll Up Banners come with a special eye-catching sticker, so that everyone notices that you and your company care about the environment of tomorrow!


01.03.2019 | Blog Update

Goodbye Google+


Starting from 01.03.2019 we will post recent blog updates no longer on Google+ since Google discontinued their service. Please find our blog with recent interesting contents directly at our website here!