EGU 2020 Poster Print

Important Update 19.03.2020:

Unfortunately EGU2020 has been canceled. Thank you for considering using our services in 2021.

Important Update 10.03.2020:
We will start accepting online orders from earliest 01.04.2020, depending on the outcome if EGU2020 will take place, in regards of the developing coronavirus outbreak. For latest updates please reefer to the official EGU website with details about the recent situation:

EGU organizers will decide regarding the status of the General Assembly 2020 by 31 March and promptly notify participants of the outcome.

Please be assured that we will offer fast and reliable poster printing service even on orders postponed due to the uncertain state.

XEST® Nimmerrichter is offering poster printing service for this year's European Geosciences Union. Our reliable and high quality service lets you forget about transportation hassles of your posters. Simply order online and receive your poster at our pick-up desk in the foyer of Hall X4 (Yellow Level – ground floor)

- Please order your poster online at least 24h in advance. We do not offer on-site printing, online orders only.
- Choose a pick-up time as below and collect at our EGU booth.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at (24/7 fast email response) or by phone +43-1-33 275 88


Sunday - May 3-a) 12:00 - 14:00
Monday - May 4b) 07:30 - 08:30c) 13:00 - 14:00
Tuesday - May 5d) 08:00 - 09:00e) 13:00 - 14:00
Wednesday - May 6f) 08:00 - 09:00g) 13:00 - 14:00
Thursday - May 7h) 08:00 - 09:00i) 13:00 - 14:00
Friday - May 8j) 08:00 - 09:00-
x€- all incl.

ECO Poster

100gsm matte paper
Best for scientific poster with text and graphic
height = 91cm (fixed)
width = max. 160cm
10x FREE handouts included
x€- all incl.

Glossy Poster

230gsm photo glossy paper
Best for eye-catching premium posters
height = 91cm (fixed)
width = max. 160cm
10x FREE handouts included

Early Bird Discount

Promotion discount for posters ordered before April 30
Discount will be applied automatically in the order process

We accept credit card payment

XEST Billing

ECO poster stands for green!
- CO2 neutral & FSC certified paper
- Inks with no solvents or heavy metals
- Solar and hydropower used during production
- Waste reduction & separation

Printing specifications:

POSTER MAXIMUM PRINT SIZE  = 160cm x 91cm* | width x height
OFFICIAL EGU POSTERBOARD = 198cm x 118cm | width x height
FILETYPE = PDF, POWERPOINT, JPG - 300dpi recommended
*Posters sent as DIN A0 or any other size will be upscaled automatically to the maximum print size x 91cm

Detailed step-by-step instructions:

- Poster layout
We recommend to layout your poster with the maximum size of 160cm width and 91cm height. Note for USA customers: that's 63 inch by 36 inch.
This size will take the maximum advantage of the posterboard at EGU. Smaller poster sizes are fine too but the height needs to be 91cm. Please consider during the creation of your poster that you leave some space on all sidelines to avoid cut-offs.

Tip: For a good readability you want an ample text size and clear font. There might be other participants that don't have the same good eyesight and you want that everyone can read it from some steps apart. Good text visibility is a key for a great scientific poster! Also for texts,  sometimes less is more.

- Images
As for images that are being used on your poster we recommend that you insert them with a high resolution. For example: We saw in the past that many people used logos of their universities that they copied from the university website. They might look good on your computers monitor but the final print will turn out blurry. That's because images on websites are optimized for fast loading times. For printing we need a good amount of data to get a clear printout. Please check with your university, if they can send you the logo in high-res.

- Poster file
Now that your poster is ready and filled with great information you want to send it to us, so that we can print it. The best file type to send us is pdf. You can create a pdf-file from nearly any program that you use to layout the poster. Most commonly PowerPoint is being used. By selecting 'File > Export > Create PDF/XPS' you can save your PowerPoint presentation as a pdf file to your PC. Please take a look at the created pdf-file and check if everything is being displayed and nothing is missing. If you are unsure if everything was done correctly, please don't worry. You can send us your PowerPoint-File and we help you through this step.

- Final check
You are all set and checked everything. Your poster looks great and has no spelling errors or whatsoever. Now that you are 100% sure that everything is final you want to take a small break (tea, coffee, water...) and check again after several minutes 🙂 We have experienced in the past that mistakes are being noticed shortly after the customer sends us the file. This is a bad situation for us since we want to offer a good experience to you but once the poster is printed it is (pretty) impossible to correct something.

- Poster types
All set! Please scroll up at this page and you will see that we offer two poster types. One is called 'ECO Poster' and the other one is 'GLOSSY Poster' - The print quality is the same for both but not the material that is being used. As for the ECO Poster we use a paper that has a good balance between reliability, quality and impact on the environment. The paper is being produced CO2 neutral and is FSC certified. This might be the best choice if you don't want to keep the poster after the presentation and plan to throw it away. If you consider to take it home or archive it, you could also simply fold it together since this paper type is foldable.

If you want an eye-catching poster please consider our GLOSSY Poster. The paper is very glossy and thick (230gsm, that's around three-times of a usual office print paper) - The gloss texture is just like the photos that you have in your family album. Images on your poster will stand out even if we also use environment friendly inks to produce this. 100% solvent and heavy metal free ink!

- Pick-Up Times
Please note at the very top of the page the time+dates where you can collect your posters from our EGU booth. There are 10 different time/date options labeled with a) to j). Please consider a time where you are able to collect your poster. We will explain the collection process further below in the text more in detail.

- Placing an order
As you have selected the paper type, please click on 'Order Now' below the desired poster. You will be redirected to a poster order form. Please fill out your name, email and select the time that you have chosen to be convenient.

- Payment options
There are two payment options. 'Pay Online Now' and 'Pay at our EGU Booth'. As for both options we accept credit cards. Visa, Mastercard and American Express. If you have already bought something on the internet the 'Pay Online Now' is the best option. You will pay the poster online by credit card and can collect it at the FAST-Lane at our EGU booth. No waiting time on-site. If you never ordered something online and are unsure how to pay something on the internet you can consider the 'Pay at our EGU Booth' option. If you choose this, please come to the 'Pay and Collect'-Lane at our booth and our staff will help you to settle the payment for your order.

- File Upload
In the order form you will see a box that states 'Drop files here, or click to Browse'. Please upload your poster file as pdf and/or PowerPoint here. You can drag the file from your PCs desktop directly to this field or please click on the text to open your PCs file browser. If you are using a mobile phone, please press the text. Your file will be uploaded and you can see the progress as a circle. Please note that the maximum file size is 35MB. If your file is bigger please upload it to a file-sharing service such as and send us an email inquiry. If you have any difficulties during the upload, you can also send us the file by email to

- Additional Instructions
At last there is a field in the order form where you can send us any special requests. For example if you need an invoice with your university address on it, please let us know here.

- Payment Step
Please proceed with an online credit card payment (except you have chosen to pay at our booth). Visa, Mastercard and American Express is accepted. Please note that the charge description will state 'XEST' and the amount will be charged in Euro (€). The displayed price already includes 20% Austrian VAT. If your credit card requires a payment validation (SCA/3d-secure) by your mobile phone, please have it ready. The online payment is secured by SSL encryption and processed by Stripe. You will receive the original paper invoice when you collect your poster.

- Confirmation
We will send you a short confirmation after we have received your order and checked your file. If there are no obvious issues we will start the print immediately.

- Pickup / Collection
Please come to our EGU booth at the selected time. We are located at the foyer of Hall X4 (Yellow Level – ground floor). That's right before the poster hall.
For customers who already completed the payment online, please come to the FAST-Lane and tell us your name. You will receive your poster without any waiting time. For customers who have chosen to pay at our booth, please come to the Pay&Collect-Lane where you receive your poster. We assist you with the payment. We already thank you for your patience at this lane, since it could have some waiting time during busy times.

In general we will hand out the posters rolled and as-it-is. If you want to transport it further, please ask to receive a poster-box in which we will transport the posters to EGU congress to avoid damages. We reuse those boxes to avoid unnecessary waste for the environment but are happy to give them out free of charge if you need them.

Good luck with your presentation!

- Final Message
We already wish you safe travels to Vienna and are looking forward to greet you at our booth at EGU 2020. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at (24/7 fast email response) or by phone +43-1-33 275 88