FAQ - General questions

Do you provide a pickup location?
We do not offer a pickup possibility. All orders come with free delivery within Vienna. Not offering a pickup possibility or an in-store service lets us work more flexible and efficient.
Can I come to your office for a print?
We are open by an appointment only. The vast majority of our projects are handled with our 24/7 online and phone support.
How fast do you reply to my email inquiry?
We always respond to all emails within a few hours - including weekends and holidays.
What payment methods do you accept?
We accept credit cards (Visa, Mastercard and American Express), bankwire or simply cash on delivery.
Do I receive an invoice?
Yes, all orders come with an invoice including your name and address. We can also send you a digital copy of it as .pdf
Can I pay with credit card on delivery?
Yes, we have a mobile terminal and you can conveniently place a credit card payment.
How and when can I call you?
You can call us simply at +43 - 1 - 33 275 88 - We also offer a WhatsApp support in order to save you international call costs. Please feel free to call us 24/7 - Vienna's time zone: CET (UTC+1) | Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)
Does your staff speak English?
Yes, all our employees speak English and German including our delivery staff.
How much does xxx cost?
We will happily provide you with an individual quote for your project. Please simply let us know key-details such as amount, paper quality, handling time...

Delivery questions

Can you deliver to my Hotel?
Yes, we deliver to all locations within Vienna. We also offer to leave the order at the front-desk if your hotel offers a concierge service.
Can you deliver today?
Yes, we have EXPRESS options for the majority of our printing products. Handling times can be as short as 1-2 hours.
Can you deliver directly to my customer?
Yes, we can deliver directly to your customers in Vienna. You will receive a signed delivery proof.
Which courier service do you use?
None. All orders are delivered by our own in-house delivery team!
Can I request not to include any paperwork to the delivery?
Yes, we can remove all paperwork and invoices from the delivery if you want a direct delivery to your customers. Also we can offer to remove our logos from the shipping box and/or a box with your personal logo on it.
Do you offer international shipping?
We deliver worldwide by Austrian Post or DHL. You can also arrange a pickup by your preferred courier service.

Printing questions

What file types can I send to you?
We accept all major ready-for-print filetypes such as .pdf .jpg .psd .tif - You can also submit your Microsoft Office files such as Powerpoint and we will convert them for you.
Can you check on the file before printing?
We will check all files before printing and may contact you if there are any issues. Slight corrections for a better printing result are automatically applied.
How can I send the file to you?
You can simply send us an e-mail with the file to info@xest.at - If your e-mail does not support to send large files you can simply upload it to any filesharing service such as wetransfer or dropbox. We also accept files over WhatsApp which is convenient if you have them on your mobilephone.
Do you offer design services?
Primary we are offering printing services but we are happy to help you also in designing your ideas. Please contact our support team for further information at info@xest.at

Need help?

We are happy to assist you in all questions. Please simply contact us - we answer within a few hours!


+43 - 1 - 33 275 88